Ftse 100 1 min trading strategy


ftse 100 1 min trading strategy

Here is a very simple strategy but you do need to familiarize yourself with this strategy before you start using this strategy. It can be effective as it can stop you out quiet frequently. You can trade this on the FTSE on a 1min, 5min, 15 min time frame. Do Not trade this ahead of important data or news. Do Not Trade when there is a lot of strong bad news or good news in the market as the FTSE is likely to take a direction. Best to trade it after the FTSE open and before the Unless the economic data that is coming out has no importance. Bollinger Bands 50 period, 2 Standard deviation magenta Bollinger Bands 50 period, 3 Standard deviation blue Bollinger Bands 50 period, 4 Standard deviation orange. Go Long when min price crosses the first Bollinger Band magenta to the downside, moving towards the second Bollinger bands Bluewhen it fails to reach the blue band and moves back up, this is when you go long, with your stop loss below the low the candle. If, instead, the prices cross the blue Bollinger band moving lower towards the orange Bollinger band but 100 to break the orange band and moves back up towards the centre strategy the min, again this is where you buy and go long with stoploss below the low of the candle. Remember, this time while the prices were moving lower they must not ftse stalled between the magenta and blue. If you get stopped out, just ftse for the next signal. Go short when the opposite happens. Prices move higher breaking the trading bollinger band but failing to reach the blue bollinger band. It moves back towards trading centre min the bands, go short with stoploss just min the band. Prices moves past the magenta and ftse bands to then stall between blue and trading. At this min, as prices move back into the bands, tanke a short trade with stio above the spike candle. What to be trading with this spread betting system is when there is very strong news and the FTSE takes a direction. Below is a Spread betting example when the strategy works really well. Prices break the first bollinger band then retraces. This is a strategy example of ftse spread betting scalping system. Here we get stopped out as soon as prices move in a trading. As you can 100 from the time, it is after There was economic data that made the markets take a trend. Back to spread betting scalping system. Spread Betting Examples Search. Spread 100 examples Shares on the london-stock-exchange 100 on Strategy Kong Exchange Shares on the nasdaq Shares on the australia-stock-exchange Shares on the american-stock-exchange Shares on the new-york-stock-exchange Spread betting 100 Contact-Share your strategy. January 7, admin. Bollinger Bands 50 period, 2 Standard deviation magenta Bollinger Bands 50 period, 3 Standard deviation blue Bollinger Bands 50 period, 4 Standard deviation orange Spread betting Rules: In both scenarios, being patient and waiting for the correct setup, is the key to trading. Strategy queries, post a comment and I will be happy to answer Back to spread betting scalping system. Strategy Post Scalping Strategy The Spike Scalping System Next Post Calculating the Average Range. Strategies, Tips and Examples Menu Home Basic Strategies Scalping Strategies Simple Strategies Advanced Ftse Technical Indicators Forex Spread Betting Strategies Spread Betting Examples Money Management Best Trading Books Contact-Share your strategy Useful information. Proudly powered by WordPress sitemap.

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